butt implant

The idea of butt implants admittedly scares me a bit, particularly when you consider how horrifying some of the effects have been for people in the past. Nevertheless, I am fascinated with all types of plastic surgery and elective appearance enhancement, so I was rather excited to read VICE‘s piece on people who augment their butts illegally, aptly titled, “Buttloads Of Pain.”

VICE writer Wilbert L. Cooper details the bizarre and terrifying nature of the growing butt injection black market, including the experience of a woman named Oscarina, whose butt was the victim of botched enhancement. The piece is really interesting, albeit consistently horrifying throughout, so definitely give it a read through when you get a chance. For those of you with shorter attention spans or who prefer a quick outline before committing to such a tale (and one with very graphic pictures, just FYI), here are the X oddest and most frightening moments from it:

Oscarina noticed that her butt was changing colors—first turning purple, like a throbbing finger that had been wrapped too tightly with string, and then a cadaverous gray. … Her flesh started to crust and painfully peel off until, a few months later, the whole mess collapsed like a badly baked cake.

What the what. (1) Thanks for ruining cake forever and (2) this sounds like one of the most utterly scary things to witness your body going through ever.

Indeed, Andre Benjamin.

She described to me the feeling of a syringe piercing deep into her butt and excreting as much as 600cc of industrial silicone simply as “filling,” as if her butt were a water balloon stretched over the nozzle of a garden hose.

Holy crap, that is a gross analogy for anything relating to a human being’s body, particularly when you consider how unsafe the contents of the “garden hose” were:

There is no substance that is safe to inject into your body to create more volume, not even medical-grade silicone, but these black-market “butt doctors” have, according to victims, allegedly used harsh substances like concrete and the industrial silicone sold at hardware stores in their procedures.

Concrete. Industrial silicone. Hardware stores. In. Their. Procedures. Okay, now that I’m done stuttering through those words with excess punctuation, I can give my reaction: holy shit. But wait! There’s more:

After the injections, the exterior flesh wounds are sometimes closed with Super Glue to prevent the toxic slop from leaking out.

AGHHHHH. I don’t even like when Super Glue gets on my hands and feels sticky or covered in residue after holding the bottle, let alone on my open fucking wound. Nevertheless, Oscarina continued on her underground plastic surgery endeavor:

“I got the shots … and six months later my butt turned purple. The product had eaten off my muscle, and my skin peeled like an onion.”


Cooper also interview Dr. Constantino Mendieta, who fixed Oscarina’s butt.

“I had to cut a great deal of flesh out with the silicone,” he said, “because it had impregnated her tissue. We pulled out a pound and a half of pure, rock-hard substance from each cheek.”

I can’t even handle the awfulness here. Mendieta says that while Oscarina’s derriere is one of the most severe cases he’s fixed, he’s also corrected over 30 botched ass enhancements from all over the United States, which means this phenomenon is widespread–and likely growing (no pun intended, because that would be sad).

Bonus: Dr. Mendieta’s explanation on why people are going wild butts–an unfortunate side effect of which is a demand for plastic surgery–was pretty f’ing creepy:

“The buttock today is what the boobs were in the 60s. … But butts are better. When you look at breasts, you have to look at a face. There is no room to fantasize. But when you turn it around, there is no face anymore. You’re free to put whatever face you want on that booty.”


Cooper also discusses the struggles of people for whom plastic surgery is not just a cosmetic enhancement, but an integral step to looking on the outside like the person they are on the inside: the transgender community, as well as those who have taken advantage of this demand. In all seriousness, you really should read the full piece–it’s a deep look into an ever-growing problem that we’ll likely be hearing more and more about for years to come.

Conclusion: People, please be careful when it comes to plastic surgery and any type of cosmetic enhancement. It’s not something simple or easy and it’s certainly not a choice to be taken lightly.