Heatherton with scant freckles in the Victoria's Secret catalog

In the past few years, Victoria’s Secret has become as synonymous with “bad Photoshop” as it is with fake tans, hair extensions, blowing kisses and balls-out ridiculousness (somewhere far down the line is “lingerie” and “swimsuits”). Because of the brand’s reputation for Photoshop disasters, we’re always kind of refreshed when one of the Angels steps forward and acknowledges that the images we see in campaigns and catalogs simply aren’t real. Even the ones that look comparatively un-manipulatd.

This week, the Post got a hold of Angel Erin Heatherton (Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend! they mention somewhat inexplicably) and asked her how she feels when her freckles are often digitally removed. She replied:

“I feel like it looks like someone else. I guess it’s not fair. It’s a bittersweet story. You look better, but it’s a lie.”

Our first response is, why would you take away someone’s freckles?! Our second is: we really appreciate the honesty. The only thing worse than Victoria’s Secret scrubbing away any semblance of uniqueness in her features is people believing anyone can actually look that way.

After all, things have gotten out of control over there. Like, really out of control.