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Our favorite budding style icon Emma Watson was on The Late Show With David Letterman promoting the final Harry Potter movie last night, and Dave decided it would be funny to dog her relentlessly about her drinking habits. This was probably as annoying to the viewers as it was to Ms. Watson, as most fans would rather hear her talk about something, anything, in that cute-smart accent of hers than watch her get all flustered and tongue tied. (Although her blustering was admittedly pretty cute in and of itself.)

It would’ve been one thing if he’d done it in a funny way, but Dave came off more like a drunk uncle being inappropriate at a family reunion than a mischievously clever talk show host. He first asked about Daniel Radcliffe’s drinking problem, which is actually quite a serious subject and not all that funny (as well as being something Watson is way too classy to “dish” on), before launching into his bizarre line of questioning. “Have you ever had whiskey, or one of those distilled spirits?” he prodded, in an only slightly humorous parody of a prudish old person. Watson laughed nervously, as one does when confronted with one’s drunken, inappropriate uncle. (The part where he asks her if she’s ever peed on the subway–which, okay, is kind of an amusing image–is included in the version they have on Gawker.)

In any case, Watson recovered well, admitting that yes, of course she has had alcohol (she’s been legal in her homeland for three years now), and has gotten “very drunk” on at least one occasion, “as everyone does.” She even went so far as to get up and bow to her own admission. I guess that’s how they handle these kinds of dumb questions in England.

(Via Nerve)