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There’s been a bit of debate on this here website about what to make of people with red hair. Are they angels? Devils? Should they be drowned at birth? Personally, I’ve always been of the opinion that red hair makes hot people hotter and goofy-looking people more goofy-looking. Emphasis on the hot people hotter bit. Do not tell me this cutie patootie drummer from the English band Foals would be cuter with brown or (ugh) blonde hair:

Unfortunately, a lot of people have yet to see the reddish-orange light and continue to make fun of gingers for their natural gifts. Which brings me to the video. Elmo stopped by Conan O’Brien last night to teach kids that people with red hair are human, too, and many laughs ensued. Show this to your kid next time he or she gets in trouble for picking on gingers at school. If that doesn’t work, tell them that said kid is probably sexier than he or she will ever be. At least, that’s what I would do.