Absolutely Fabulous, a.k.a. the Greatest Show Of All Time, is coming back March 23rd with yet another amazing-looking special. This time, it’s about a British charity event called Sport Relief and features Kate Moss(!) along with Stella McCartney, Emma Bunton, and male model David Gandy.

In this preview clip, the deliciously bitchy fashionista Patsy Stone pokes fun at Kate Moss’s age, saying, “who in the world doesn’t know who you are, Kate, the amount of time you’ve been around? You’re just like me Kate…us ’39-ers’ must stick together.” How is it possible for Joanna Lumley to cram so much hilarity into so few seconds of delivery? The video’s description says there’s also a side plot in which Edina and Baby Spice hit up the gym for some strenuous exercise, which can only end in fabulous disaster. It airs on BBC One in the UK and BBC Worldwide everywhere else at 7pm on Friday, March 23rd. Ad proceeds will benefit Sport Relief.

(Via Styleite)