We’re big fans of Birchbox, a startup that sends women deliveries of high-end beauty samples every month. (Makeup in the mail? Yes, please!). In addition to their monthly subscription service, they also have an online shop and info-packed magazine, blog, and YouTube channel. We like their helpful videos so much that we’ll be featuring one here on TheGloss each week.

We cringe whenever January and February roll around because we know what’s inevitably coming: dry, sensitive skin and unsightly blemishes. Frustrating and embarrassing though pimples can be, we’re happy to report that there are also easy solutions to keep them hidden. Birchbox senior associate editor Lorelei gave us three great tips to keep the red away using primer, foundation and an unexpected product everyone has at home. Watch our tutorial to find out how!

[youtube_iframe id=”okhViUxK-sQ”]

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