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Documentary : Sexy Girls Have It Easy from Bright Hand Pictures on Vimeo.

In this video a girl goes out dressed up, wearing high heels and make-up and is able to score things for free – everything from taxi rides to free cake and champagne! It’s great! She’s living like an aristocrat!

She goes out wearing a frumpy outfit with her hair in pony-tail and no one gives her anything for free. It’s really sad and I wish there was a way you could avoid watching that part.

What I’ve gotten out of this video is you should start asking for stuff for free. Let’s all ask! Let’s all ask all the time! Because no one seemed that offended by it. Some people say “no” but they do so almost regretfully, as though they wish they could give things away for free, like Santa Claus.

Okay, throw on some heels and then ask. I’m sure this is upsetting because it seems to indicate that “pretty women get stuff for free” but it’s the same woman. What it actually mean is “you’ll get stuff for free if you wear a tank dress and espadrilles.” Cake and champagne for everyone! Embrace the beauty privilege, I guess!

Or not and this is really offensive and people should get things for free based on their inner beauty. But it’s really hard to tell if someone has a beautiful pancreas.