I probably would, unless he had convulsive shakes or I was married to Picasso or someone “creative.” But then, that would be awful for a lot of reasons that had nothing to do with his inability to apply make-up.

A writer at Yahoo remarks:

I consider myself pretty brave as far as married women go. I’m secure enough in my powerful lady status to let my husband grab things off tall shelves and assist me in shoveling snow off our driveway. And yes, I’ll admit it, I’ve even let the man get his fingers on a particularly painful zit (sorry, I’m a popper). But one woman has gone where womankind has never gone before … she let her husband do her makeup. And I thought I was brave? I have nothing on Rosie and the video that is bound to leave you both in stitches (because this couple is that adorable) and fearing for your skin (and your eyes, and … well, you get the picture).

One second. Not taking into account the fact that Youtube indicates that this is a place that womankind goes to every five minutes, I think we need to talk about what constitutes “bravery”.

Here are examples of people who are brave:

Someone who attacks a mountain lion from behind as it runs towards their children.

Pretty much anyone serving in the armed forces.

Subway heros.

Those people who hit sharks with cattle prods to make them fiesty for shark week. This is actually a good example of “awful but brave.”

That’s all.

Some examples of things that are amusing (NOT BRAVE):

Women videotaping their husbands doing their make-up.

People playing air guitar

Cats dressed up like shark hunters.

Women videotaping their husbands doing their make-up. Again.

Now that we’e cleared that up, this is an amusing video!