After closing the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this past week, a drunk on power (and maybe a bit of bubbly) Karlie Kloss gave an interview that might not go down in history as her best. When asked what she’d done to prepare for the big show, she said this:

I kinda stuck to my normal daily regimen. I’m a healthy person, I’m always pretty athletic, I don’t know… And I’m 19, so, I don’t know. And I have legs that go on for days, you know, I have 12 foot long legs. So, I don’t know.

I think you do know, Karlie. I’m pretty sure you just spelled out your genetic blessings right there. Way to be humble during your time in the spotlight.

Except…I’m pretty sure there’s no good way for a model to answer this question. If a model says she follows a crazy diet, we feel sad for her, and mad at the industry for driving an already gorgeous and thin person to such extremes. If she says she parties and eats BBQ, we get annoyed that she’s rubbing her natural skinniness in our faces (and/or maybe lying a little bit). I almost like Karlie’s answer better than any of these, because she acknowledges she has a “daily regimen” to stay extremely thin and toned, while also copping to the other things working in her favor. I think people are less likely to beat themselves up over not looking like supermodels if it’s clear their look is a combination of genetic gifts (it’s not like you can diet your way to taller/skinnier genes) and an intensive workout regimen beyond what most normal people have time for in their lives.

(Via Styleite)