One thing I noticed over the course of covering Kate Moss’ wedding is that hardly any of the information came straight from Kate Moss herself. We’ve seen many photos of her in her Galliano gown looking effortlessly pretty, but don’t you ever wonder if Kate stressed out about her insanely huge and complicated party the way most normal people do? The cake, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the invitations, etc? Or did she just hire some trusted associate to take care of everything for her while she ate bonbons and inspired great love songs?

According to a video just posted by Vogue, she did indeed stress out about stuff. She even went so far as to say she understands the whole “bridezilla” phenomenon now. Yes, that’s right: Kate Moss said “bridezilla.” The video is not terribly revelatory, but it’s nice to see Kate humanized a tiny bit. I also appreciate how much she clearly loves to throw big parties. She seems like fun.

(Via TheCut)