Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through another work week! And let’s be honest, you’ve probably mentally checked out already, or else you wouldn’t be here with us (please never leave). To reward yourself for all of your ponderous drudgery valuable and rewarding work, why not gaze upon the countenances of various men who get paid to stand around looking attractive? Better yet, why not watch a video of said men standing around looking attractive, as well as taking their shirts off, making poses, and giving Blue Steel like their lives depend on it?

Ford Models recently released a video of the male models they hired to walk in the spring/summer 2012 runway shows in Brazil, and it’s nothing if not male model-y. Justin Fenner at Styleite thinks the fellas look awkward in it, but I can’t tell if he’s right or not, because the hotness contained in the first ten seconds of this video has seared my retinas like the sun, rendering me temporarily blind. (I’m dictating this post via my helper monkey. Good job, helper monkey! Now go get mommy some more of her special Friday gin…)

What do you think of this somewhat ridiculous, yet undeniably ab-filled video? Check it out below.

[vimeo_old video=”24429369″]

GUYS FROM FORD SUMMER 2012 from 4×5 on Vimeo.