Earlier this week, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas was on The Tonight Show alongside first lady Michelle Obama to talk about gymnastics, food, and meeting Kate Middleton. The whole thing was pretty delightful, but Gabby got into some risky territory towards the beginning when Jay Leno asked her how she’d celebrated after winning two gold medals.

“I splurged on an egg mcmuffin at Mcdonalds,” she said, much to the F.L.O.T.U.S.’ chagrin.

“Gabby, don’t encourage them,” Mobama said as she wagged her finger at her. “You’re settin’ me back, Gabby.”

Of course, Michelle Obama was mostly joking, playing off her reputation as a champion of healthy lifestyles for America’s kids. But I think Gabby actually sent a decent message by portraying McDonalds’ bafflingly delicious chemical swill as a “once in a while” type of indulgence. Gabby went on to say her normal diet is actually pretty strict, but much more nourishing-sounding than the type of diet we usually hear about (i.e. the kind models and actresses go on):

“We have to watch what we eat and just keep our bodies in shape, and the more protein the better because it recovers our muscles…So every day I had chicken or beef, and cereal every morning, so it was very good.”

Olympians eat for fuel, not for tininess!

It’s also fun to hear her talk about how she was “always that daredevil,” a quality that led her parents to sign her up for gymnastics classes at the age of six. Gabby Douglas, you’re all right.

(Via HuffPost)