Would you like to obtain a butt like Pippa Middleton’s without expensive surgery? That is, would you like to have a smallish, toned, white person ass with just enough curve for the beaches of Saint Tropez but not so much as to get you kicked out of Westminister Abbey? Then you should probably check out artist Alison Jackson‘s weekly video series on the subject, which chronicles the various steps Middleton goes through each day to maintain her rear’s ineffable shape.

Or maybe don’t watch it for butt tips, as it’s meant to be satirical, but watch it because it’s kind of funny…more in a “hmm” way than a “ha ha” kind of way. Jackson, who calls herself “a contemporary artist who explores the cult of celebrity,” created the series as an ironic, postmodern comment on…sorry, I’m too mesmerized by the undulating muscles of fake Pippa’s glutes to form a coherent thought.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the series is how close to reality it is. I can imagine a site springing up to advertise workout videos and butt electrocutors (via the unauthorized use of Pippa’s image, natch) looking pretty much the same as this. Is Jackson commenting on celeb culture in a smart way, or do you find the series boring due to being a little too deadpan? Watch some of the videos and decide for yourself.




(Via The Daily Mail)

(Photo composite via Joyhog)