Did you know that Duran Duran is still around, and furthermore, that they’re still releasing albums? It’s true! They’re also still making expensive, model-filled music videos, only now they’re getting really meta about it. Case in point: for their latest single “Girl Panic” (off 2010’s All You Need Is Now), they decided to have four of the original supermodels play them. As in the Harper’s Bazaar UK editorial that just came out, Naomi Campbell stands in for front man Simon Le Bon, Helena Christensen portrays drummer Roger Taylor, Cindy Crawford is bassist John Taylor, and Eva Herzigova is keyboardist Nick Rhodes. Also, in a move that might annoy longtime unofficial guitarist Dom Brown, Simon Le Bon’s IRL wife Jasmin Le Bon appears as an anonymous guitarist who is “not in Duran Duran.” (For his sake, I hope Brown is in on that one.)

The song itself is appealing enough, sounding simultaneously like the Duran Duran of yesteryear and the bands that ripped them off around the turn of this millennium. The big budget, Jonas Åkerlund-directed video, however, never seems quite satirical enough to justify the pretentious way the band members talk about themselves, not to mention the gratuitous product placement. (Go away, Swarovski crystals.) For example, when Naomi Campbell talks about how they were one of the first bands to use models in their videos, I can totally imagine Simon Le Bon saying that for real, as if it was some great stroke of genius to think to use professionally good looking women to promote their music. It’s also a little on the long side, and the “Great Duran Duran Videos Of The Past” montage in the middle is totally unnecessary.

Nevertheless, the wardrobe and cinematography is gorgeous, and the five supermodels only seem to get prettier with age. (I’m guessing each has a hideous painting of herself in an attic somewhere.) If you can get past all the self-congratulatory wankery, it’s a moderately delightful confection of eye and ear candy.

(Via Pop Matters)