Would you like to see Tyra Banks lip syncing to a song about herself alongside the 16-year-old Youtube star Keenan Cahill? Of course you would. This is ostensibly a promo for America’s Next Top Model: All Stars, on which Cahill will make an appearance, but it seems like Tyra will take any chance she can get to grab our attention just a little bit more. Focus on the strange, childlike figure to her right, though, and it becomes instantly bearable.

And in case you’re wondering who this Keenan Cahill person is, he’s a teenager from Elmhurst, IL with Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome who has gained fame for his energetic lip syncing videos. According to Wikipedia, he’s building quite the little empire for himself via only his sparkling Youtube persona. The Internet is a strange and wonderful place.

(Via Styleite)