Have you had an evil laugh at someone else’s expense yet today? I realize it’s not exactly a new genre of video, but this latest supercut of models falling on the runway is so well done that I just had to share it with you. The lurid zooms, the pained expressions, the ironic use of “You Are So Beautiful”…it’s basically a masterpiece.

Allow me to be clear: The humor here does not come from watching bad things happen to conventionally beautiful women, at least not for me. It comes from taking an extremely self-serious environment (i.e. a fashion show) and undercutting it with an unexpected dose of good, old fashioned, Three Stooges-style slapstick. And that will never fail to make me laugh, because I am twelve.

That said, don’t you think the people who put on fashion shows should have taken pity on the models and given them less slippery runways and/or more sensible shoes by now? I would have, if I were them. I mean, I enjoy “models falling” videos as much as the next immature person, but it seems like it would be in fashion’s best interests to minimize this occurrence.

(Via Styleite)