Fresh off her sensual trip to Disneyland with Ryan Gosling, hottie-boom-bottie Eva Mendes is starring in a commercial for Thierry Mugler’s originally named fragrance, Angel. This commercial is somewhat confusing, but look how pretty.

We open on Ms. Mendes riding in a high speed train as her other self watches from the outside. She sprays a puff of the perfume on herself, which triggers a hallucinatory dream sequence in which she is wearing a pretty dress and floating among colored lights. Is there wind in this dream dimension? You bet there is. Oh wait, what’s that? It’s a magic ball of light. It’s Tinkerbell! She brings Tinkerbell back to reality with her, where she multiplies into several Tinkerbells.What will become of the human race?

Strange faerie magic aside, the most unrealistic thing about this commercial is how hot she looks while she’s sleeping sitting up on the train. She’s not drooling or anything. Nobody looks that good while sleeping on a train, not even Eva Mendes.