Batman carried spray cans this week, as Fluid–the Edmonton salon that tastelessly, horribly exploited domestic violence to sell haircuts and cull press–was vandalized. The message sprayed across the salon was this:

“This is art that is wrongly named violence. That was violence that was wrongly named art.”

The ads, which are reportedly about two years old, inspired internet outrage earlier this week. Salon owner Sarah Cameron initially released a statement effectively saying that people shouldn’t be such PC babies… but in the wake of the shitstorm and subsequently terrible press, she’s begun backtracking:

“We want people to talk about it. It’s supposed to gear up some sort of discussion,” Cameron said. “Look at her; she’s not looking at him. Who’s to say she’s not getting ready to get up and walk away? It’s how everybody perceives it.” [Moreover, Cameron claims] that proceeds from haircuts will be donated to the Edmonton Women’s Shelter if customers bring in the ad.

I’m glad she’s not trying to take the “You’re all too PC” tack anymore, but it’s just as obnoxious that she’s claiming the super glossy, artless, stupid image was meant to inspire discussion. What exactly is there to discuss? How about: domestic violence is a fucking horrible reality for many women; don’t use it to sell haircuts.

(via eagle-eyed reader Laura)