Viking Statue

After last week’s more practical tutorial on heatproof hair and makeup techniques, I thought doing something on the weirder side — but still wearable for a fun nighttime event — and do makeup inspired by Vikings. Why? Because they were awesome, and you’re awesome, and therefore the two should combine.

I think my favorite thing about the Vikings is how incredible they were at constructing ships. Due to my love of the ocean but deep fear of going in water where I can’t see the bottom, I love water vessels of all kinds. But these seafaring people didn’t have mere boats; their longships were agile, fast and built for both battle and exploration. Their design was sleek and sharp, and thus became a big part of the inspiration for this tutorial.


The Gokstad Viking ship, Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway.

Modern ideas of Vikings diverge greatly from the actual history of them and their culture, but part of the excitement that surrounds the past comes from how we perceive it in the present. Celebrating history doesn’t mean everything has to be perfectly accurate (unless, of course, you propose it as such — in which case, don’t do that). Of course, you’re always welcome to celebrate Vikings with their corresponding Avengers cologne…

avengers Thor cologne

Note: I’m no historian, but I am pretty positive this is by no means an accurate depiction of Viking women’s appearances. However, considering I doubt they used nearly any makeup, I didn’t want to just keep things bare or pseudo-bare (already did that a few months ago, remember?), so being inspired by the materials they used to construct ships — all the bronzes, grays, wood shades and silvers — felt like it would be more interesting as a tutorial.

Step 0: Begin with a clean, freshly washed and moisturized face.

Viking makeup tutorial -- Bare face

Step 1: To keep down shine (as nothing is worse than shine plus shimmer), I picked Amala Purifying Mattifier to apply on my T-zone. For my eyes, since I’ll be using lots of shadows and want them all to stay put, I used Kryolan Eyeshadow Primer. Under my eyes, I went for Smashbox Liquid Concealer, while the rest of the little discolorations on my skin got a touch of Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation on them. I finished off the base makeup with Make Up For Ever HD Powder.

Viking makeup tutorial -- Base makeup

Step 2: On my cheekbones, I applied Glominerals Tint For Cheeks & Lips to get a rosy color similar to the shade my cheeks turn when I exercise hard or am in the cold. In the hollows of my cheeks, I used an angled bronzer blush to apply Devita Absolutely Bronze. To highlight while adding a touch of color, I used a little Dolce & Gabbana Anamalier Bronzer.

Viking makeup tutorial -- Blush and bronzer

Step 3: I brushed Smashbox Eyeshadow in Cinnamon Toast all over my lids and outward, then applied the dark brown shade of Too Faced‘s Glamour To Go Palette, Spun Sugar Edition. After, I used CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Ashen Glow along both my top and bottom lash lines. I then put Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Toasted across top and upward, and finished with Smashbox eyeshadow in Linen from the inner corners and up underneath brow bones.

Viking makeup tutorial -- Eyeshadow Progression  Urban Decay in Toasted, Too Faced Glamour To Go, Smashbox in Toasted Cinnamon, CoverGirl

Step 4: I lined my upper lash line with Wet n Wild h2o Proof liquid liner in Smoky and applied a little on my lower lash line, smudging it a bit with my fingers. For my lashes, I used Napoleon Perdis Mesmer-Eyes Mascara in Black Waterproof and for brows, Clinique Brow Powder which I applied with a heavy hand using an angled brush to make them darker and more angular. (You can even add a bit of bronzer to the brows if you’re into that, but I kept them just matte brown.) I finished the look with Anastasia Brow Gel.

Viking makeup tutorial -- Eyeshadow Progression  Urban Decay in Toasted, Too Faced Glamour To Go, Smashbox in Toasted Cinnamon, CoverGirl shadow liner, Anastasia brow gel, Napoleon Perdis Mascara, Clinique brow powder, Wet n Wild grey liquid eyeliner.

Step 5: Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment plus a dab of bronzer.

Viking makeup tutorial -- Lips with Fresh Rose Sugar Lip Treatment

Step 6: For my hair, I ran some Eufora Beautifying Serum through it to add shine and smoothness, then put it into braids. And…voila!

Viking Makeup Tutorial Final -- Eufora Beautifying Serum

Photos: Shutterstock, Wikipedia.