I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with concerns over the Duchess of Cambridge’s eye make-up application techniques. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, none other than Vivienne Westwood weighed in on what we once deemed Middleton eyes. According to the Telegraph:

“I think she’s got a problem with eye make-up! The sharp line around her eyes makes her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.”

Thank you. I love Kate, but honestly, her eye make-up is so 1997. I’m truly — truly! — amazed that nothing has been done about it yet. Don’t they have a royal make-up consultant? A royal “bring your look up to speed” specialist? A royal “time to pry your look out of the last decade, however terror-inducing that may be, you’re now in line to be the Queen of England” expert?