I thought the big deal was that given that this is a show where the gentlemen have engaged in 1) hot-rub rimming 2) cosplay, and 3) that weird time Turtle and Drama had sex with the girl at the same time, most of the main characters  had still never slept with a girl who had a Brazilian wax. Because they were 12? Mormon? Not Playboy subscribers? Extremely well concealed Amish men? “I go out with nice girls” said Turtle, “they have at least a landing strip. I saw she was completely bald and I freaked.”


Okay, I think that maybe that entire plotline existed so that Sasha Grey (who is playing one of the character’s girlfriend) could feel more comfortable about exposing her pubic hair. Which, according to Lemondrop is like:

The final scene in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” where the prince is basically being enveloped by giant, living, overgrown plant that wants to eat him while he’s also fighting a dragon? You’re halfway there. “The Girlfriend Experience”? More like the “Jimi Hendrix Experience,” AMIRITELADIES?

Well, if you say so. I thought she looked quite pretty. It looks nice on her, the pubic hair. The world does not agree. Salon compiled some comments which read:

Yea she had a sicko BUSH

Sasha Grey had an ENORMOUS fucking 70s bush. WTF

That shit was so uncalled for

Sasha Grey really should shave her bush

Entourage was wild. So was Sasha Grey’s bush. #EW

did anyone else think that was disgusting. ITS 2010!

No, seriously, I’m legitimately confused about how this is a big deal. She looks fine. She looks great! Sasha responded to some of the tweets saying “: “A lot of bush comments after tonight’s #Entourage episode. If you’re curious…that’s what a grown woman looks like. Besides, I shave where it counts ↓ I’m happy to contribute to making it ok again:) All ‘fashions’ have their cycles!”

Well, that’s great. On the other hand, if you’re bald as a baby eagle, you’ll never have to sleep with Turtle. Which is something to consider.