Some brands are already getting us excited for Christmas with their Holiday 2018 makeup collections, but we still have Halloween to celebrate. If you’re in need of some new products to help your master a gorgeously ghoulish beauty look, Wet N Wild has just launched its Fantasy Makers collection.

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The affordable beauty brand announced the collection’s release on Instagram and it is massive. Wet N Wild has helpfully designed the collection to assist Halloween enthusiasts in creating eight distinct looks. They include favorites like a mermaid, snake, ice queen, unicorn and zombie bride. Of course, the collection can be used for you to create your own-one-a-kind look. With a whopping 80 products in the Fantasy makers line, you have so many possibilities.

The collection has everything that you could possibly think of from easy-to-use Multistick Body Crayons ($2.99) which can be drawn on faces, arms, legs, chests, and you can name it to create a full look. There’s a White Paint Pot ($2.99) to help you get a ghostly finish and to enhance bright shades. There are loose pigments ($2.99) and stickers ($1.99).

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What’s brilliant about a lot of the products is that they’re wearable enough that you use them beyond October 31. Take the Painters Palettes ($5.99). There are five options to choose from including pastels, neutrals and metallics. Each one has six creamy shades that can be used on faces, cheeks, lips and eyes.

Highlighter fans will also need to check out some of the bewitching options. The Fantasy Makers MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Not Your Basic Witch ($4.99) is an inky black highlighter with skull embossing. The Fantasy Makers Color Icon Shade Shifting Blush in Zombie Blush ($5.99) is a ghoulish deep gray with turquoise and blue shimmer. If you want something lighter, there’s the Fantasy Makers Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter in Moonstone Mystique ($5.99) which will make you fall in love with rainbow highlighters all over again. It’s like the original rainbow highlighter but with a darker twist in honor of Halloween.

Even if you haven’t decided what you’re going to be for Halloween, it’s worth checking out the Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers collection. In fact, it might even inspire your costume. You can shop the collection now on