We predict some exciting beauty products in your future because Wet N Wild is coming out with a Zodiac makeup collection. Whether you’re an Aries, Gemini or something else, you will want to get your hands on the collection.

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There are a number of zodiac-inspired makeup collections to take our pick from. Bite Beauty has a new themed lipstick dropping every month thanks to its #AstrologybyBite collection. Furthermore, Fresh has released zodiac-inspired soaps, Julep has two astrology nail lacquer collections and Spectrum Collections has a gorgeous set of astrology makeup brushes.

The Wet N Wild Zodiac collection stands out because of its size. When Wet N Wild announced the collection on Instagram, it showcased all the products in a trunk. And there are more than just 12 products in the collection. There are bar highlighters that are named after the four astrological elements (water, air, fire, earth) with suitable colors for each one. There’s also a setting powder in a single shade that could be dusted over top of the highlighters or worn by itself.

Similarly, there are four Color Icon Eyeshadow wheels that represent the four elements. Each one comes in a rounded compact with six different shades. The colors vary from product to product but they all have a rich, pigmented theme.

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No collection would be complete without lip products. That’s where the Color Icon Lip Glosses come in. There is a shade to represent each sign in the zodiac and each gloss comes in cute themed packaging.

As this is Wet N Wild we’re talking about, the products won’t break the bank. The Zodiac makeup collection ranges in price from $3 to $7. Another fantastic thing is that we have less than a week until the collection launches. It will drop on July 17 at Walmart and WetnWildBeauty.com. You can sign up on the brand’s website to be reminded about the launch.

The Wet N Wild Zodiac collection will launch at Walmart and WetnWildBeauty.com on July 17.