My dear hubby things I am getting too lustful for “things.” Can you imagine? Yeah, well, I’m sure he’s right (I hate it when that happens). So, I truly am trying to get better. Mostly I lust after tech things (iPods, external hard drives, video cameras), but every once in awhile (ha) I spot something beautiful that just eats me up until I get it.

So, last night, I needed to get my daughter a winter coat. She is spending Christmas in Philly this year, and, well, we are in Texas, and just really don’t have much of a need for a winter coat. We are still sweating here if we wear anything more heavy than shorts and a t-shirt, for pete’s sake! I found her this FAB Kenneth Cole black trenchcoat at TJMaxx, and I have been thinking about that sucker all day long. I need a black trench coat. I have been needing one since I read Nina Garcia’s book earlier this year. I have a basic, boring khaki trench coat, that I honestly have had since high school – its time for something new! I found this gor-geous coat from Calvin Klein at Nordies:


And I am just ill at how I am lusting after it. Check out the cute back:


Ugh. I am hopeless. I love Calvin Klein – his clothes fit me perfectly, and his Eternity fragrance is almost my best friend. And not only do I want this for Christmas, I want it next week before I go to the frosty Toronto tundra. Oy. :)

Tell me I’m not alone and not the most lustful person in the world? What are you dying to have this year?