For most of us, our first memory of beauty has something to do with our moms or other women in our lives – the first time you smeared lipstick all over your face, it was probably your mom’s lipstick. And when you clomped around in a pair of grownup shoes that dwarfed your toddler feet, they were probably your mom’s shoes.

For better or for worse, our mothers are often the first people who teach us – consciously or subconsciously – about beauty. I was one of the lucky ones – my mom has a pretty healthy approach to makeup and skincare and taught me to love who I am and quit spending so much time fixating on what was in the mirror. Thanks to her, I inherited a love (bordering on obsession) of lip balm and Pond’s Cold Cream. But some women inherited complexes or insecurities. Reality star Bethenny Frankel has talked about her mom’s eating disorder and how it made Bethenny grow up constantly insecure about her own weight and body.

What did your mom teach you about beauty? Was it a specific product or practice, or was it an attitude? Was it good or bad?