Have you ever wondered what is meant by words like “dry down” or “distillation”? What are the “notes”?  What is the difference between a “top note” and a “bottom note”?

Here are a few quick definitions:

*Distillation: Fragrances are made from distillations of plants, seeds, or blossoms. The item is heated and the vapors condense and are collected.

*Dry Down: The dry down is when the base notes of a fragrance are finally revealed. The top and heart notes lift, leaving you with the base notes of the fragrance.

*Top note: The top note is the first note of the fragrance that you smell. Many times this is a floral or a citrus scent. This is the first note to lift and fade.

*Middle Note: The middle note is also known as the heart note. It usually takes a few minutes before it’s fully clear. This is the part of the fragrance that gives it the personality of the fragrance (Floral? Oriental? Woody?)

*Base Note: The base note is the final anchoring notes of the fragrance. This is the part that last the longest.

Image credit: Michelle Hamor Smith