champagne diet

What’s cool about today is the way it started out well and kind of ended in abject failure! But maybe not really? Here’s how it went:

9:00 – As I continue on this champagne diet plan of eating 1,200-1,400 calories a day (which includes 2 glasses of champagne, around 90 calories each) I’m trying to start having a real breakfast. I get one of the spinach, egg white and feta whole wheat wraps at Starbucks, which seems to go along well with the diet plan’s idea of having a a whole wheat bagel with salmon rather than a burger. It’s delicious. 300 calories, which seems reasonable.

12:30 – I felt like yesterday having 600 calories worth of salad for lunch sort of killed my calorie count in the evening, but I still need something substantial to get me through the afternoon. So I get a bowl of broccoli soup, which I like, and which seems healthful insofar as broccoli, all the broccoli. 400 Calories. We have a company holiday party dinner tonight, but I figure this will still leave me 700 calories for that, which should be fine if I get something simple.

3:00 – We won a prize! And we got a cake! I tried to explain that I was doing this whole diet thing but our boss informed us that it was bad luck not to eat celebratory cake. So I ate a piece. It was a combination of a lot of factors, but mostly being superstitious and the kind of person who would have failed the Milgram experiment hardcore.

6:45 – Dinner. At a mexican restaurant. I’m ordering my two glasses of champagne, trying to steer away from the quesadillas, even though they are delicious. Aiming for “classier” food.

7:00 – They’re bringing the guacamole which they prepare table-side. The guacamole is seriously fantastic. Having a spoonful of it without chips. It would be better with the chips, frankly. I order a steak which seems to fit the definition of food that is classy and not overly processed.

7:15 – They’re bringing appetizers. Cheese fondue. In a skillet. There’s a line in Robinson Crusoe where Friday says “many is the day I’ve dreamt of cheese, toasted mostly.”

7:20 – I am not going to be like Friday! 2 scoops of cheese! Which is spectacular.

7:45 – The steak is actually really good, and has mushrooms and onions. Good choice.

Overall: I’m going to say I probably vastly exceeded the calorie count by some pretty substantial amount. But being a (pretty loose) diet did make me think more carefully about what I was eating – which meant opting for a really small piece of cake instead of a large one, and a few spoonful of appetizers rather than “as much as I felt like.” In that way, this was probably pretty effective. And the champagne was fantastic.