champagne dietToday was a pretty hard day even wth my two glasses of champagne, probably in part because I was resolved to do better than I did on Day 2. Oh my God, it was difficult.

9:30 – Yogurt and fruit. Really into this whole routine. Liking my whole yogurt and fruit thing (150 calorie yogurt, 100 calories banana, 50 calories blueberries, so around 300 calories).

12:30 – There’s not too much work so I go to City Bakery for lunch, which is where I go most days. I get steamed broccoli and carrots and two slices of chicken. Fitting in with the whole healthy planning, here! Although this is what I generally get anyway. Let’s say 400 calories.

1:00 – Usually before I leave City Bakery I also get a cup of their hot chocolate, which is excellent. I do not. Because I’m pretty sure it will shoot me immediately over 1,200 calories, and I have to go to pilates later and will want something before that.

1:10 – I wish I was walking back to the office with a cup of hot chocolate.

1:12 – It’s cold out, I wish I had hot chocolate.

1:15 – Hot chocolate would be so delicious, I would be drinking it right now.

1:20 – Fuck everything.

5:00 – I’m going to the gym later and I am starving, so I decide to get an egg white omelet. I actually really like spinach and feta egg white omelets, but I end up at this health food place, where somehow feta is not an option? And you can only add low fat mozzarella. So I get a mushroom, onion and low fat mozzarella egg white omelet. I do not recommend this to anyone. It seemed like it would be a fun idea, but you know what? It was not a fun idea. It tasted awful. 300 calories.

6:40 – Pilates at Physique57. I’m signed up for a beginner class because I figured I might be hungry or tired or any other dieting things.

7:00 – I am doing astonishingly badly. Everything is more difficult. The instructor keeps coming over to correct me and I mouth the words “I. don’t. like. you” but without moving my mouth too much. That’s not something I usually do! Maybe I’m just tired?

8:30 – I meet my friend downtown for a Nokia party. As soon as I get there he informs me that they’ve hung pieces of artisanal pizza from hooks in some bizarrely artful display. It looks surprisingly attractive and not even remotely appetizing, so that’s good. They also have out stacks of holiday treats and waiters are circulating with miniature grilled cheese sandwiches. I love miniature grilled cheese sandwiches so much I want to cry. I grab a glass of champagne and think of all the fun, non-food related things they have here. They have air hockey, and tables for checkers, and go-go girls dancing inside plastic balls and the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah performing. I want to eat all the food. I end up having a cup of tomato soup which they’re serving in porcelain cups, because that’s adorable. It is so adorable I have two. And one meatball. 300 calories, maybe? Approximating everything is hard.

9:30 – In the giftbag, they give gourmet hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. I hate everything.

10:00 – I am going to prop that hot chocolate mix up on my kitchen counter and hate the fucking world.

10:30 – Have final glass of champage. This is a good episode of American Horror Story.

11:30 – Successfully managed to make single glass of champagne last for an hour.

12:00 – Hungry!

12:30 – Still hungry!

1:00 – Asleep.

Overall: I never knew how much being able to order a cup of hot chocolate meant to me until this week. It means a lot.