You caught me on a bad day. I had to get up early I traveled across the country.When I am tired and anxious about flying I always eat extra.

5:30: I had a yogurt. I believe the flavor was peach. That’s healthy, right?

8:30  On the plane I ate a Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds. Almonds are also healthy. And I drank a Diet Coke.

1:00: For lunch I had a bowl of she-crab soup – yay Charleston! – a roll and another Diet Coke.

3:00: In the afternoon I ate chocolate covered almonds. There is starting to be a theme of chocolate and almonds in this day. I had a minute-maid lemonade. It was low calorie.

7:00 For dinner I had a crab cake, a beet salad with pine nuts and snow pea salad with blue cheese. And water.

9:00 I had another yogurt. It was pineapple upside down-cake. I topped it all off with another handful of chocolate covered almonds.

I feel very bad about the roll I had at lunch because I was trying to cut down on my carbs. I feel very good that I did not drink half a bottle of wine. I had someone to eat with tonight so that made it easier, because otherwise, when I’m alone, I quite often sit and eat in front of television and you sort of mindlessly shovel the food in. When you’re with someone you seem to fill up better. I also didn’t spend any time preparing any of these foods – all of these foods were prepared by a grocery store. I didn’t spend any time on this, I just sort of pointed and said “I will take that crab-cake” and I don’t know if I should feel guilty about that.