Look, I love food. I love it. I love it. I love it. I’m probably happiest when I am in the process of eating. Sometimes I feel like I could relate to alcoholics in prohibition times because the future that I secretly feel we’ll moving towards  is a future where food will come in pill form to keep everyone healthy all the time. I imagine running a secret restaurant in this horrible future. Being a food-legger. That’s my dream/nightmare.

6:30: My boyfriend gets up early to go off to work. I immediately think “I’m up! I could got out and get the feta and egg white omelet I like at that place I like! And one of the tiny smoothies they come with! That would be wonderful!” Oh, fuck it, I’m lying. I’m thinking about breakfast nachos. I’m always thinking about breakfast nachos. I probably wouldn’t actually order them, though (they’re nachos, covered with fruit! And caramel sauce!) In reality I would order an omelet.

6:35: I fall back to sleep. That plan lasted a really short amount of time.

9:00: I get one of the egg-white feta cheese wraps from Starbucks. They are absurdly delicious and, as options go, pretty healthy. The feta just blends so perfectly with all the egg and the spinach. And they’re toasty and warm and like a hot pocket, but a hot pocket made out of not-awful-stuff.

12:30: I go out for lunch. I go out most days. There’s a suprisingly great sushi place that does an $11 lunch special where you can get dumplings and two kinds of rolls, which is really nice. I get the peppertuna and avocado roll and the eel and cucumber roll and read a Dominick Dunne novel. In many ways, this is the best or at least the most peaceful time of my day.

1:15: I want a cookie. I always want a cookie after lunch, perhaps because I’m sad lunch is over. I go back and forth – should I get a cookie? Should I not get a cookie? I want one of the double chocolate chip kinds. I want ALL the cookies!

1:20: I get a Luna Bar instead. It seems somewhat healthier. I have it and a Diet Coke. It is delicious.

6:00 I go to pilates and pick up… okay, this probably isn’t the healthy, but I pick up a bottle of the cereal milk they serve at Milk Bar. Have you tried it? It is astonishing. I like to have it after pilates, because I reason milk is good for you although probably not milk with whatever they flavor it with. I also get a spoonful sampling of their soft-serve. It is lingonberry flavored today! I wonder if they notice that since it’s next to my pilates studio, I ask for a sample of this every single time. How do they not call me on it? I know the samples are free, but shouldn’t they notice that I’m abusing the privelege?

7:30: Get home from pilates. Drink cereal milk! Shower.

8:30: Go out for dinner at Artisanal. We get the basket of gougeres for the table, so I just have a beet salad.

9:30: Because I wanted the cheesecake! That’s why I only had the beet salad. The cheesecake is spectacular. It has these little carmelized pecans in it.

It was a good day.