Dry BrushIf you aren’t familiar with dry brushing, when you hear the term, the first thing you probably think about is your hair, right? Or maybe you think about makeup brushes. What else do you really use a brush for? Your body, that’s what. Like the name states, dry brushing is a technique where you use a dry bristle brush to massage the skin on your entire body. You might be tempted to write it off as pointless because you do that same sort of thing in the shower with your loofah, but dry brushing has many benefits.

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Tata Harper, founder of her eponymous natural skin care line, explains that dry brushing stimulates circulation and helps supports healthy lymphatic drainage. This helps get rid of toxins from the body. Furthermore, dry brushing simultaneously exfoliates the skin.

The difference between dry brushing and exfoliating in the shower is that there is no water barrier between your skin and the brush. Tata explains that when the skin is wet, it doesn’t allow you to shed as much skin because of this barrier. When you get rid of the water, you get better exfoliation. If you still want to combine dry brushing with your shower regimen, Tata suggests that you can hop in the shower after dry brushing your skin to help boost circulation.

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If you want to give brushing a try, you will obviously need a brush. Using your hairbrush on your skin isn’t going to cut it. Tata states that natural, non-synthetic, bristle brushes are the most popular. We like 100% Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush ($6.59, Amazon). Gentle move the brush over your body to slough away the dead skin. Resist the urge to scrub too hard. Your skin will become stronger and less sensitive after each brushing, but the goal of brushing isn’t to turn yourself red like a beet.Amazon Dry Brush

Tata likes to dry brush once a day before she showers, but she says that doing it every few days is still effective. Some people even dry brush in the morning and evening.

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If you’re thinking about applying the dry brushing technique to your face, hold up. Tata cautions that the skin on our faces is much more sensitive compared to our bodies so incorporating water is a better idea. She says that applying an exfoliating cleanser in circular motions to your face can have the same beneficial effects both for exfoliation and for promoting lymphatic drainage.

So grab your brush and get (gently!) exfoliating your body. If the talk of boosting circulation, getting rid of toxins and sloughing off dead skin aren’t enough to convince you, think that it will make your fake tan application a whole lot easier. If you’re regularly dry brushing, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of months of dead skin that will give you a streaky tan.

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