I was shocked to learn recently that some of my – very knowledgeable – friends do not know what threading is!

I realized, then, that for some reason, it is only done and appreciated by a niche of us – and I wanted to remedy that, because it’s a great option for so so many people who are interested in hair removal.



Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that is just now getting more popular in West Culture that basically yanks hair out from the root using a single piece of thread. You mostly see it used on the face, especially the brows, but you can technically use it anywhere.

The threader will hold one end of the cotton thread in his or her teeth and the other in the left hand, then the middle is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand, and they will use the loop to trap the hairs they want to remove and pull them out. If done right, it doesn’t even hurt!

Why I like it: It hurts less than plucking. And – as I have sensitive skin – I’m less likely to get red after! Plus, the results seem to last a little longer, and grow in better! (Well, usually, depending on where you get it done.)

PS: If you do go for threading, and in NY – go to Shobha. I swear by them!