Portrait of young womanBy now we’re pretty familiar with the double cleanse: the process of using an oil-based cleanser followed by a lighter foaming one helps get rid of dirt and makeup. Even if you’re a lazy girl who prefers to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible, you have to admit that a double cleanse is kind of worth it. However, there are times when you may want to consider adding a triple cleanse into your regimen (seriously!).

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If you’re groaning at the thought of having to add another step to your routine, hold up. This isn’t like all of the spin-off contouring trends (hello tontouring and holiday-themed contouring) that make the already complicated process of contouring more complicated. Triple cleansing really benefits your skin. Charlotte Cho, Co-Founder of beloved Korean beauty site Soko Glam, explains that a triple cleanse thoroughly remove excess oil, makeup, pollution, dirt and grime from the skin. Plus, it preps the skin for the rest of your routine. It is a regimen that is becoming popular in Korea.

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So, what exactly is the extra step? The first step in the triple cleanse regimen is to use a cleansing tissue to remove impurities. Charlotte says to pay close attention to the sensitive eye area and your often neglected neck. Note that cleansing tissues don’t just mean any old thing. That means no baby wipes you have laying around. Charlotte explains, “The trick to the triple cleanse is to actually use well-formulated cleansing tissue designed to remove impurities from the face.” You want something that cleanses but also nourishes skin. Her picks? Skinfood Brown Rice Oil Cleansing Tissue ($10, Soko Glam) for its excellent moisturizing and Skinfood Brown Rice Oil Brightening Cleansing Tissue ($18, Soko Glam). The latter contains natural brighteners for a more radiant complexion.

Skin Fod Brown Rice Oil Wipes

The next step is to massage in an oil cleanser to remove oil-based impurities, such as the Banila Co. Clean It Zero ($21, Soko Glam). It goes from a solid balm to a silky oil when it is applied to your face.

Banila Co Zero

The final step is to apply a cleansing foam to wet skin. This helps to remove water-based impurities. Charlotte recommends the Neogen Cereal Real Fresh ($19, Soko Glam). It contains fermented rice seeds to brighten skin. Rinse and pat your face dry. Then you can continue with the rest of your routine.

Neogen Cereal Real Cleanser

When you’re doing your triple cleanse, the key is to also think about all your products’ formulas. Choosing the right one is key. Charlotte states that a cleanser may only be on your skin for a few seconds, but it’s crucial to find a well-formulated one that protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

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The triple cleanse isn’t necessary something that you should be religiously adhering to in the morning and evening. Charlotte says that you should try a triple cleanse when you feel like your face needs a thorough cleanse. If you’ve been wearing more makeup than normal or your face feels particularly grimy, try a triple cleanse.

Similarly, because a triple cleanse is all about removing built-up dirt, oil and impurities, it is more beneficial to do in the evening, as opposed to in the morning when you haven’t been wearing any makeup. Think of the triple cleanse as a booster to your routine that ensure that you get everything off your face. When you do it, you can go to sleep knowing that you won’t be waking up with yesterday’s dirt and makeup still on your face.

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