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Lady Gaga has reportedly signed a deal with Coty to develop her own signature scent. However, no product with Lady Gaga’s name associated with it could ever be boring, so we have to ask: what should it smell like? Here are a couple of suggestions from TheGloss’ staff.

  • Lobster, obviously.
  • Spandex. You know that smell that spandex has? Or is that Latex?
  • Pepper. It seems like the anti-perfume.
  • Cigarettes, because of those cigarette sunglasses she has.
  • A really weird combination of stuff that doesn’t go together but somehow she makes it go together.
  • Tea, since she’s always carrying that teacup around with her.
  • I don’t know, but the bottle better be covered in sparkles.
  • Hairspray, beer, and PVC.
  • Fire! She uses lots of pyrotechnics.