A few weeks ago, my colleague Amanda Ernst and I attended a press event for a new product called Bio Oil. To be honest, we both left the event not entirely certain what the product even was. Here’s what I have figured out since then: Bio Oil, which comes in a sleek, orange-tinted cylinder, is basically Dr. Bronner’s minus the hippie factor. They advertise it as “specialist skincare,” but Bio Oil can be used for practically anything. I’ve been using it as a cuticle softener; Amanda is using it to treat a scar. It also works as a hand lotion substitute, and since it dries in about five seconds and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky afterward, it’s great for office use. According to Bio Oil’s official website, the product is also good for stretch marks and skin discoloration.

Ultimate verdict? I still don’t know exactly what it is, but I really, really like it.