Sephora by OPI will be launching a limited-edition set of nail polishes inspired by Glee. The colors have show-inspired names like “Mashup” and “Slushied,” but I think it would be more fun if each of the girls (and some of the guys) got their very own color to wear.

Rachel: Neon pink with sparkles. If it’s not the center of attention, she’ll throw a fit.

Kurt: Metallic silver. It goes great with that Gaga outfit or that school uniform you have to wear now.

Tina: Black, of course. What else would a goth girl wear?

Santana: Maneater red.

Brittany: She just doodles on her fingernails with a marker.

Emma: Lysol-blue, any OCD-haver’s favorite hue.

Blaine: Bubble gum pink. Because he’s your teenage dream.

Mercedes: A sexy shade of purple that’s as soulful as her voice.

Quinn: Beige. Because girl is as bland as can be.