The world’s most expensive Barbie just sold for $300,000 at Christies. Because she’s a work of art! Also, because she’s wearing a one carat diamond necklace. That you can’t remove and wear yourself. Though maybe you could? As a pinky ring? If you just popped that Barbie’s head off? Though I guess that would destroy the “work of art.” Well, I guess people make choices, and I’m sure this purchase seemed like a good idea at the time. Now. Here are some things you could spend $300,000 on that are not a Barbie.

A down payment on an apartment (universal winner in our office! We’re responsible!)

Blow. Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface style blow (first runner up!)

A night of passion with Ryan Gosling, if you’re into that.

A monkey in a three piece suit, maybe.

A Justin Bieber concert

A Maybach

I think someone could make you a really cool robot for this amount

A hardcore 4.5 carat diamond ring worn by Hilary Duff

Anything except a Barbie with a necklace you can’t wear.