I’ve been to SXSW once. I got to see some amazing bands, attend some fun parties and over-indulged in far too many perfectly delicious fish tacos. The tacos were so good that when I returned home the following week, I was so spoiled that I ran around the city declaring that no one makes a crab cake enchilada like Austin. I was totally an asshole about it for months. Actually, I still sort of am.

I had never been to Texas before then. I had a layover in Dallas once on my way to Colorado, but Austin isn’t like Dallas at all – however, it’s still Texas. I’m in no way going to knock Texas (hello? tacos, people!), but I am going to say that I found it interesting how some of the fellas down there perceive us northern gals. I was told more than a few times that Yankee women are “frigid” because Yankee men don’t know how to please them in the sack. If there are any Austin people out there reading this, I’d love to know if this is some sort of pick-up line, or if I just happened to run into all the weirdos who believe this to be true. Their saying down there is “Keep Austin Weird” after all.

Between all the dancing, standing in lines to the see the most popular bands and the free Tecate, if I were headed to SXSW again, I’d pack my handbag a little differently. I’m not saying you can’t pick up these items in Texas, I’m saying these are things you should have on you at all times. No one wants to stop the fun because they need to make a CVS run.