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The ’90s, man: they were the best of times, and they were the worst of times. Flannel, chokers, and platform sneakers were taking over suburbia, the Titanic was sinking on silver screens for months on end, and no one was sure if Jordan Catalano was the perfect boy or a total nightmare. And the beauty trends in the ’90s, well, they were off the rails. The phrase “less is more” had absolutely no place in the ’90s (except in regard to eyebrows, that is), and the women of the decade were boldly glittering themselves where glitter had never gone before.

Here’s what your favorite ’90s beauty trend says about you:

Over-plucked eyebrows

drewa barrymore

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You have a hard time with the word “no.” Once you start something, you hate to stop–you like to see a project through to its completion (or, in some cases, its desecration). You’ve been described as “meticulous” more times than you can count. You’re definitely a “take charge” kind of girl, but you’ve grown up enough to realize that it wasn’t OK to call your high school classmates “sheeple.” Your family loves you, but they were all a little relieved when you moved out, because your standards are exceedingly high. You know you can be uptight, but you’re also funny, sometimes, right?

Brown lipstick


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You’ve always liked to march to the beat of your own drum, and your drum is beating kind of slowly and a little erratically. You’re not in a rush to get anywhere, because life is a marathon, not a sprint, you know? You consider yourself to be counter-culture, but you keep up with the Kardashians. If your friends found out, you’d be ruined. You go to the same hole-in-the-wall bar every Friday night to drink whiskey sours and dance to whatever alt-rock cover band happens to be playing.

Glittery blue eye shadow

GettyImages-102878224__1439350639_70.29.16.80(Photo by S. Granitz/WireImage)

You love asking your friends for advice, but you never take any of it. When you walk into a room, you almost expect people to raise their eyebrows. You aren’t a subtle person by any means, and that includes both your sense of style and what comes out of your mouth. Your friends have to make apologies for you–a lot. When you look back on your high school days, you’re pretty sure you were a mean girl. You try not to think about it. These days you’re focused on your fitness, your money, and your Instagram account.

Super dark lip liner


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You ran with an “interesting” crowd in high school. You were a budding artist, activist, and recreational drug enthusiast. You still are all of those things, in fact. When you turned 18, you packed your bags and moved to the city without the slightest idea how you were going to support yourself. Fortunately, you’re smart and resourceful and not afraid of hard work. If you get yourself into a bind, you always find a way to get out. People jump to conclusions about you, but they’re never right. You love proving everyone wrong.

French manicures


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If you ever got a tattoo–which you wouldn’t, of course–it would read, “Do it right the first time.” If you got a second tattoo, it would read, “This isn’t amateur hour, people.” You pledged a sorority in college and spent the next four years talking incessantly about your sisters and your philanthropic efforts and your “bigs” and your “littles.” When you go on a date, you’re always a little worried that he or she will try to surprise you with something “different.” Whatever happened to eating dinner at the Olive Garden and seeing a rom com afterward?

Frosted lips


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You’re a real girls’ girl. You don’t think you’ve ever had a close male friend in your entire life, but you’re pretty sure you aren’t missing out on anything. You’re a makeup queen and a fashion magazine hoarder. If you could grow another couple of inches, you swear you’d totally have what it takes to be a model. But alas, you were doomed to walk the Earth standing an average height. Whenever you get down, you like to watch old episodes of Sex and the City and Girlfriends. Your most prized possession is your collection of The Baby-Sitters Club books. You own every single one and can’t wait to pass them on to your future daughter.

Body glitter


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You are the life of the party, regardless of whether you’re hanging out at a political convention or your second cousin’s bat mitzvah. You’re just fun and funny and people love to hang out with you–in small doses, that is. You’ve just got a ton of energy, and sometimes that can be exhausting for the people around you. Your last significant other broke up with you on the fourth day of what was supposed to be your shared “Great European Adventure.” You were sad about it at first, but then you met some really cool people in Prague who took you to this insane rave in an abandoned warehouse. You were over the relationship by the time the sweat had dried the next morning.