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Before the dawn of Instagram, there was no such thing as a “model of the moment.” There were models, there were supermodels, and there was everybody else. Thanks to social media, new crops of It Girls are popping up faster than we can swipe to the next image. Models who want to stay in the spotlight have to bring their A-game to every single runway, photo shoot, and selfie session.

Here’s what your favorite model of the moment says about you.

Bhumika Arora


(Photo: Bhumika Arora/Instagram)

You’re the oldest person in your group of friends, and you like it that way. You’re a natural-born leader and you give great advice, so being the person you’re friends look up to doesn’t bother you in the slightest. When you were a kid, you were in quite the hurry to grow up–not because you wanted to go out and party, but because you couldn’t wait for the day that the adults around you started taking you seriously. People often say that you’ve “got a good head on your shoulders.” (And a good head of hair, you might add.) Your motto? Good things come to those who wait.

Gigi Hadid


(Photo: Gigi Hadid/Instagram)

You’re a natural charmer and a natural athlete. Your favorite color is gold, because, well, everything you touch turns to it. You love proving people wrong, especially the people who assume before meeting you that you’re stuck up or conceited. When you were in senior year, you were voted “Prettiest Smile.” This kind of pissed you off because you were hoping for something with a bit more substance, ya know? You daydream about dropping everything, buying a beat-up old Jeep, and road-tripping to Malibu. You like being barefoot.

Aya Jones


(Photo: Aya Jones/Instagram)

You’re a good girl and you know it. You’re sweet and fun, and those qualities have won you many friends (and many admirers). When you were in college, you wanted to change the world, so you chose a major that could help you do that. You won’t be satisfied in life unless you feel like you’ve made a difference in a big way. You want to travel everywhere, see everything, and write it all down. When you’re old and grey, you’ll publish your memoir and spend the rest of your days regaling your grandchildren with stories from your youth.

Kendall Jenner


(Photo: Kendall Jenner/Instagram)

If there’s one thing that you know to be true, it’s this: if you work hard enough, everyone will forgive you of your past. People still bring up your past a hell of a lot, but that just means you haven’t worked hard enough yet. In your group, you’re “the quiet one,” but really, you’re not quiet at all–the people around you are just super loud. You’re also “the normal one” and “the super pretty one.” You’re still working to add “the most ambitious one” to that list.

Bella Hadid


(Photo: Bella Hadid/Instagram)

You’re the black sheep in your family, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You screwed up once or twice as a teenager, so you’ve also developed a reputation as a “bad girl.” That doesn’t phase you in the slightest–what people think about you is none of your concern. You aren’t afraid to push the envelope or say what’s on your mind. Your fashion icons are Wednesday Addams, Joan Jett, and Jennifer Lawrence. Come to think of it, they’re your role models, too.

Sora Choi

sora 1

(Photo: Sora Choi/Instagram)

You’re the life of the party. You’re fun, goofy, and vivacious, and as such, you’re everyone’s BFF. You aren’t afraid to think outside the box, sartorially speaking, and you love to play devil’s advocate. When you were a kid, your favorite thing to do was eat sugary cereal and watch cartoons on a Saturday morning. Truth be told, a bowl of Lucky Charms and some Looney Tunes still sounds like your perfect Saturday morning. Your goal in life is to never become old and boring.