Vogue has put together a compilation of this season’s most popular and preferred pedicure shades in various cities across this great nation. While it’s mildly fascinating to see how pedicure enthusiasts roll in other cities, why should we regulate certain colors to specific corners of the country? Pfft. I say all colors for all people all the world over!

Instead, let’s figure out what all these great colors say about you. Keep in mind that this time of year your toes are under wraps more often than not so we’re dealing with a whole new level of the subconscious here.

Although there’s always a chance that you might not be able to find every single one of these shades at your local nail salon, no worries. We live in the age of the internets, people, and with a quick Google search any and all of these colors can be yours and find their way to your lovely toes in no time.