Why must they be censored?

Because cupcakes are porn for women. And “In The Raw” sweetener company has picked up on this in their new advertising campaign. They write on their Facebook page – which boasts “The Hottest Au Natural Amateur Photos On The Web!” that:

Give just the right amount of careful coverage on your tempting food photo, which will beg the question — “Can you handle me?” — and the answer is “No, you can not.”

Just on the off chance that you can, in fact, handle the sheer beauty of the thing, here is an uncensored “au natural” version of the cupcakes:

I thought it was great that some company had realized that the fact that we’ve labeled certain foods as “forbidden” in recent years seems a bit absurd, especially as we’ve become more permissive towards nearly everything else. But then I realized that the first note on the Facebook page was a health tip:

Take advantage of the fall weather! Crisp air and cooler temperatures lend for some of the best exercising weather. Whether it’s a jog in the park or just an hour raking leaves, it doesn’t have to seem like a workout to be good for the body & the mind.

And now I think that maybe they just really like blurry food photos. Well, it’s still clever.