Dictionary.com is suggesting that the most beautiful word in English is “Serendipity.” While we love a good ice cream sundae, we’re going to suggest that that word just makes us think of the terrible Kate Beckinsale movie.

Besides, Dictionary.com is clearly mistaken, because the most beautiful word in English is fichu.

No, it’s a genuinely cool word. It refers to the kerchief that women in the 18th century wore to fill in low bodices. You see it come up in Dickens periodically in reference to people like Madame DeFarge. And it sounds like a combination between “tissue” and “fish”  which doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but makes it fun to say.  And the word is completely forgotten now because no one tries to cover up their bosom with a kerchief anymore, whereas, at the time, it would have been pretty much a wardrobe staple. It makes me think about a world where, in a 100 years, no one knows the word socks. You know. Bartertown.

I could be wrong, though. What’s your favorite word? I hope we can all agree that the world’s worst word is “moist.”