God, I hope it wasn’t a starvation diet when you were 2. According to The Daily Mail:

A single mother was accused yester­day of inflicting her own problems on her eight-year-old daughter by putting her on a near starvation diet.

Corleigh has been on the regime since the age of two and is allowed just 700 calories a day – 1,000 fewer than recommended.

Miss Gilardoni insists she is acting in her daughter’s best interests, saying: ‘Being over­weight dominates my life. I don’t want Cor­leigh to be like me.’

I feel really sorry for the mother in this situation, but much, much more sorry for the daughter, despite the fact that her mother says that she’s “not so underweight that she’s going to die next week.”

Well, that’s something? This seems like a horrifyingly early age to start worrying about weight, but looking back, I definitely remember girls dieting in 5th and 6th grade. Sure, it was silly grown up mimicry “no, I’m not going to eat any birthday cake because it’s bad for you” but it was still a diet. What’s the first time you remember dieting? That is, if you have at all.