Punching holes
Claires: You got your ears pierced between the ages of 10 and 12. Your name almost certainly ends in an “-ey.” Your parents paid for the piercing and the studs, but you insisted they stay home while you went with your friends. Later that day, you shoplifted for the first time.

A doctor’s office: You had to beg your mother every day for a month in order to get her to even consider letting you put holes in your ears (Holes in your ears, sweetheart! I just don’t understand why you want to hurt yourself). In college, you became an atheist. Over winter break sophomore year you and your father got into the biggest argument you’d ever had over whether or not you’d attend Christmas services. You didn’t end up going, but wished you had as soon as your parents pulled out of the driveway. You’ve let the holes in your ears close up, but now you have an eyebrow piercing.

Alternately, this was done when you were a baby. If that was the case, you grew up wanting for nothing and regularly matched your eyeshadow to your nail polish as a teenager. Your parents let you watch any movie you want, even the R-rated ones.

Summer camp/a friend’s house: You were in the fastest swimming group and got along with everyone. As an adult, you have been the maid of honor in more than ten bridal parties.

At home, from a relative: You have a large, boisterous family and at least seven aunts on your father’s side. None of them are accustomed to taking “no” for an answer. You didn’t really want to have your ears pierced at all, but that wouldn’t have stopped any of them. You were eight at the time. In high school, the only class you ever got a grade lower than a B+ in was PE.

A tattoo parlor: You were either 25 and had never gotten your ears pierced (and felt too ridiculous trying to go to Claire’s at your age), or you were 14 and went with your much older boyfriend. You are currently underemployed and looking to go back to school, but you’re not sure what for yet.

Never: You are a bold and mysterious woman who walks alone and has received a box full of clip-on earrings from her grandmother.

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