Even if you love to show yours off, the decision to get a tattoo is still really personal. Other people get to look at the artwork your wear around, but at the end of the day, it only belongs to you. No one else’s opinion matters all that much (unless you’re getting something racist or homophobic or otherwise awful etched into your skin, but you totally deserve the criticism if that’s what you’re up to!), but it’s still fun to talk about tattoos. What we like, what we don’t, what we’d get, what we wouldn’t. Body modification always makes for an interesting conversation starter, and here’s one I want to start with you guys: What do you think of white ink tattoos?

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When I first discovered that these existed, I was instantly obsessed with the idea. They’re subtle, they’re unique, and depending on your skin tone, they can either look like interesting scars or little epidermal secrets. I love the idea of having a tattoo that only a privileged few know about. I love the idea of keeping a tattoo personal and private and not worrying about everyone in the world seeing it and forming their opinions about it.


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On the other hand, though… I’ve heard some horror stories. While I kind of see their potential for fading away to be a positive quality (it symbolizes your ever-changing self! Or something!), people have dropped large sums of money and endured a lot of pain just to be disappointed by a transient tattoo. White ink also has a reputation for being unpredictable, so a lot of artists won’t guarantee them, and many won’t do them in the first place. Many people have also found that the ink doesn’t show up on their skin, and they’re left with a raised red scar instead of the subtle little decoration they’d hoped for. Oh, and people with freckles? There’s a much higher chance that it’ll come out looking wonky and wrong.


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Basically, there are pros and cons in both directions. What really matters is what you think. Do you like white ink tattoos? Do you hate them? Would you get one? What would it be? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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