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You guys, this is seriously an awesome time to be alive. We have transgender models making waves in the fashion world, plus size lingerie campaigns and swimsuit collections that outshine virtually any industry standard, and Nick Jonas is doing near-naked acting roles. Seriously, I can’t think of anything that could make it better. Oh wait, here’s something: plus size model Denise Bidot is the face of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration, and guys, she’s pretty much the tits.

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Not only is she absolutely stunning and well-spoken, she’s just an all-around impressive woman, one that we should all aspire to be like, model or plus size or not. She’s a hard worker, aware of industry standards and happy to break them regularly, and best of all, she’s an awesome mother. Here are 5 things to know about Denise Bidot:

1. She’s been working as a model since she was 18. 

Between then and now, she’s worked as an actress and a spokesmodel, and has been the face of Kohl’sMacy’sLevi’sForever 21 Plus, and more. To say she’s been a busy bee is a ridiculous understatement. 

2. She’s basically the physical embodiment of how all women should feel about themselves.

She makes no apologies for how she looks and acknowledges that women of all shapes and sizes are equally beautiful:

“I’m a mother, I’m curvy and this is my frame. I don’t feel the need to apologize for that.”

So, basically:



3. Speaking of her being a mother, she’s already teaching her daughter all about the importance of body image. 

Which is so unbelievably wonderful. In an interview with Cosmo, she said:

“[My daughter has] been coming to shoots with me since she was born. She totally gets that nobody’s perfect. She sees the fake lashes and the retouching and the hair and makeup, and some days when I come home, she’s like, ‘Mami, take that off, you don’t need it. Take off your lashes.'”

This is exactly the kind of attitude that all young girls should have, and it so great to see a model instilling that in her own children.

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4. She’s already been destroying industry standards. 

She was the first plus-size model to walk in a straight-size show at New York Fashion Week, and she opened and closed the shows for Chromat and Serena Williams. In case you don’t know, both of those lines are strictly straight-sized. She said of the experience,

”I never even thought that was a possibility. Nobody had done it. Curvy girls aren’t really included in the lineup in Fashion Week. I opened up a Chromat show for a straight size brand that does everyone from Beyoncé to Madonna to Katy Perry… and the fact that [designer Becca McCharen] believed in me enough to let me open up her show was huge.”

It was huge, and it was also awesome.

5. Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed, her portfolio is absolutely stunning.

Basically, prepare to put her on the top of your “Favorite Models” list. She’s officially on mine.