A lot of people have favorite models. But what is it about a particular woman that makes you always want to look at pictures of them or buy products that they endorse? Everyone has their own conscious or subconscious reasons. So let me tell you about my favorite model and we can go from there.

When I was in high school, I was really skinny. That may sound awesome to some people, but I grew up in the South, where the ideal female figure was curvy and buxom. Compared to the pretty girls at my school, I looked like a boy. For awhile, I ate protein bars and junk food and tried to fatten myself up in any way I could, without realizing how hard it was to completely change your basic body type. But the first time I saw a picture of Stella Tennant in Vogue (probably when she was the face of Chanel), something changed. Here was this woman with a slender, boyish figure and angular facial features who was not only beautiful but being photographed for one of the greatest fashion magazines in the world.

Stella Tennant isn’t my favorite model because I look like her. We bear a very slight passing resemblance, but no one will ever stop me in the street thinking I am her. For one thing, she’s about six inches taller than me. My eyes are brown; hers blue.  But my affection for her comes from the fact that she’s like an extreme, much more beautiful version of myself. There’s no chance of me ever getting a makeover and looking like Bar Refaeli or Veruschka. But in a wonderful fantasy universe, it’s somewhat more plausible that I could be Stella Tennant someday – it would require a haircut and maybe a nose ring, but not plastic surgery. That’s fashion escapism at its best – I may not look like this woman, but I don’t look completely unlike her either.

Do you have a favorite model? If so, who is it and why?