They’re not sexy like vampires. Why would you ever like anything that wasn’t sexy?

But, given that a zombie mob has just invaded a park in Russia (without a permit, because they’re monsters) they seem to have a pretty enduring appeal. Given that I’ve read World War Z I feel qualified to talk about this. Look, a few people have asked if, after say, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or The Walking Dead if zombies have jumped the shark. To which I’ll say: they can’t. They are the shark. There are beast within us all. I mean, not that you are carrying a shark around inside you, but you are carrying around a part of you that exists solely to feed its own appetites. It’s the part of you that devours a pan of brownies when you’re supposed to be a diet because – fuck it. Or cheats on your boyfriend. Or does any of the other thing that the rational, thinking part of your brain says are not good, logical things to do.

You do not have a part of you that drinks human blood and remains young forever. It doesn’t work. Don’t even try. Vampires may be aspirational, but zombies represent the deepest, darkest parts of all of us. That part of us that is only insatiably hungry, all the time.

So no wonder these people dressed up as them and took over the St. Petersburg park. Celebrate your hungry id! Celebrate it with facepaint! Zombies for the win forever.

All pictures via EnglishRussia[ITPGallery]