Korean beauty brands might be the hottest thing on the block at the moment, but French beauty brands will always have a special spot in skincare lovers‘ hearts, especially French pharmacy skincare brands.

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While you might gripe about having to make a trip to the local drugstore to pick up your regular face cleanser or moisturizer, in France you will actually look forward to the experience. And you will actually want to stay in the pharmacy and browse the different lines as opposed to making a dash in and out of the store like you would here.

The reason? French pharmacy brands know skincare and they get it right. They don’t lead with gimmicks, fancy packaging or products that will get all the likes on Instagram. Non. They don’t need to do that. They focus on the results because that is where the most important things are.

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The French pharmacy brands don’t need any of those extra details to get people to buy their products. They’re going to buy them because the proof is in the bottles and on their faces.

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And of course much like other Gallic classics such as skinny suits and Breton tops, those minimalist pharmacy bottles have their own sort of chic look that make them all the more alluring. Though of course we would buy the products in any sort of container because they’re that good.

While some brands tend to jump on all the latest beauty trends, French pharmacy brands often continue doing their own thing. They don’t need 10,000 products in their ranges because they can have them. They only need the stuff that works.

And as much as everyone loves a trip across the pond to experience a proper French pharmacy experience, we’re lucky enough to find a lot of French pharmacy brands nestled among our usual go-to products in our local drugstores. That way, we can pick up a classic product and fall in love with the results of it on our own skin. Merci.